Guidelines to assist you when measuring your wall

Great!! You have decided on using wallpaper to give your room a fabulous new look. It is rather simple, all you will need is a tape measure and someone to help holding the one end, a pen and paper will also come in handy.

It makes it easier to draw down the four sides of your wall on a piece of paper. Get the width on the bottom part of your wall, then measure it again much higher up (some or most walls aren’t perfectly straight, this helps to get the correct width), write the widest in millimeters down.

Now take the same steps with the height. Measure the height of your wall on the left and right side. Please submit the largest figures of the width and height when you request your quotation.

It is also very important for us to be clear which measurements is the width and height for the image to be printed correctly.

If you are not sure, double check your measurements again. Our goal is to have satisfying customers that absolutely love their new wallpaper, so it is very important that we get the correct measurements so your wallpaper fits like a glove on your wall.